Traditional stoneware beer steins: For many centuries German potters have produced highly detailed stoneware products. This long tradition is best reflected in the Thewalt series of steins. Thewalt has been associated with high quality handcrafted stoneware steins for over two hundred years and is today a premier manufacture of German beer steins. Thewalt remains a wise choice for quality gifts and is respected by collectors for their traditional German Steins. Merkelbach has a long history of traditional designs and unique in their use of "saltglaze". Merkelbach steins are also handcrafted and hand-painted. Their saltglaze is distinctive and leaves a durable finish that complements the old traditional colors. Merkelbach stoneware steins are great choice. Zoller and Born is newer to the German beer stein market. However, they pride themselves in producing handmade, high quality steins that are based on traditional designs and themes. Zoller and Born steins are also very affordable while retaining the old world quality. With these three manufacturers, you are guaranteed authentic German made steins.

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The decal shows a detailed picture of the famous Neuschwanstein Castle. It also has a pewter lid with a wind up music box that plays Edelweiss.
US $169.99
Zoeller and Born is a family owned operation that has been making high quality beer steins since 1956.
US $139.99
This beautiful beer stein was handcrafted in Germany by Zoeller & Born. The stein shows the Bavarian May pole.
US $199.99
03/10/2017 15:57:44
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