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Paper mache actually originates from China; the inventors of paper itself. They used paper mache to make helmets of all things, which they toughened by many layers of lacquer. Examples have been found dating back to the Han Dynasty (BC 202 – AD 220). From China, the interest in paper mache spread to Japan and Persia, where it was used in mask making and festival activities. Eventually it spread across the world. Large imports of paper mache objects swamped European markets. This in turn led France to start making its own wares, and England followed suit in the 1670s. There was only a half-hearted interest until the late 1700s and into the 1800s, when it became widely used. We have a wide selection of German paper mache including snowmen, santas, reindeer and much more!

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A 5.75 in cute bunny paper mache by Ino Schaller

US $59.99

6.5 in. Red Santa with Holly design

US $139.99

A cute 5.2 in. Green Christmas Tree from Ino Schaller Paper Mache

US $39.99

Amazingly detailed ( 17" tall ) Owl Forest Scene Santa Paper Mache

US $479.99

Black Russian Winter Scene Santa Candy Container

US $199.99
Out of stock

Limited edition Ino Schaller Santa candy container ( 13" tall )

US $439.99
Out of stock

Schaller Easter Bunny German Paper Mache

US $69.99

Ino Schaller Grey and Blue Santa Candy Container

US $99.99
Out of stock

Ice Blue Santa with Sleigh Paper Mache

US $199.99
This snowman paper mache figure is holding his broom. This piece has been handcrafted by the Ino Schaller family in Bavaria, Germany.
US $64.99

This limited production "papier mache" is hand-made in the original antique mold in Germany by INO SCHALLER

US $119.99

Red Floral Russian Santa Candy Container made by Ino Schaller

US $219.99

Red Santa with Bag of Toys Candy Container ( 8" tall )

US $179.99

Red Snowing Winter Santa Candy Container ( 16 inches tall )

US $459.99

Gold Forest Beaded Santa Candy Container ( 17" tall )

US $449.99

Hand signed 5.5 in. tall White Angel from Ino Schaller

US $99.99
03/10/2017 15:57:44
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