Take a look at our new 2017 limited edition German beer steins. TheseĀ King-Werks, also known as Wuerfel and Mueller, are one of the few remaining German stein companies that produce 100% of their steins in Germany with 100% German materials and labor. If your looking for any specific Pewter, stoneware, or relief just let our staff know.

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Limited Edition Munich Oktoberfest Beer Stein

US $219.99

Limited Edition - King Werc German Celebration Beer Stein (1L 10.5" Tall)

US $199.99

2 Liter Handcrafted 15" Tall King Werc German Beer Stein

US $289.99

Eagle and Flags Glass Beer Stein With Pewter Lid (.4 L)

US $99.99

.5 liter Deutschland Germany City Landscapes Beer Stein (10,000 piece limited quantity)

US $169.99

Handcrafted 5.75" Eagle Beer Stein (.4 Liter)

US $69.99

7.75" Drinking Handcrafted Stoneware Boot

US $99.99

10" Tall - Fisherman Blue Relief Beer Stein

US $199.99

.75L - Grizzly Bears Fishing King Wercs 2017 Beer Stein

US $249.99

2,500 piece limited edition stoneware with pewter lid 2017 Beer Stein

US $139.99

Only 10,000 pieces available - 9.75" Tall Beer Stein

US $199.99

Handmade - 2,500 Limited Edition 2017 King Wercs German Beer Stein

US $169.99
03/10/2017 15:57:44
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